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One day Narada comes to Dwaraka and asks Krishna to explain to him what Maya is. So Krishna takes Narada on a trip in the desert. In the middle of the desert, Krishna asks Narada for water, as he (claims to be) feeling thirsty. Narada goes a short distance and finds a nearby village, where he falls in love with a local village girl and forgets all about Krishna. He marries her, has children, and lives wit them 12 years. Then one a massive flood comes and his family is washed away, when suddenly he hears a voice saying "Narada, what about my water." He sees Krishna, and asks him what has happened to his wife and children. Krishna says that none of it was real, that Narada never had a wife or children and that the village didn't even exist. That is what Maya is.

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Nava Dwaraka

  1. Gomti Dwaraka: Also called Dwarkadhish Temple, this is the main temple of Lord Krishna that stands on the banks of Gomti river. There is also a small shrine for Gomti Devi. This temple is also a part of the most famous Char Dham Yatra. It is historically considered as the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom.
  2. Rukmini Dwaraka: A shrine dedicated to Rukmini Devi (Lord Krishna’s wife).
  3. Bhet Dwaraka: ‘Bhet’ in the local language means ‘Island’. It is said that Lord Krishna ruled from here. There are several Sannidhis here. One of them is for Devaki, Krishna’s mother. There is a lounge and a couch on which Lord Krishna and his queens offered ‘Shodasa Upacharas’ to Kuchela. The island presents a wonderful scenery being surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is believed that several more Dwarakas existed there but all of them had submerged under the Sea.
  4. Sudhama Dwaraka: It was here that Sudhama lived. Sudhama (Kuchelan) and Sri  Krishna were childhood friends and studied under the same guru, Sandipani. People call this place with various names such as Sudhama Dwaraka, Sudhamapuri and Kuchelapatnam.
  5. Moola Dwaraka: This is the place where Lord Krishna is said to have set foot first on arriving at Dwaraka. But, he seems to have forsaken this place and moved to Bhet Dwaraka.
  6. Mukti Dwaraka: This is the place where Lord Krishna was last seen. At this place there is a hall in which we find Krishna reclining on the branch of a tree with a foot dangling. A hunter who shot a poisonous arrow at his toe tip mistaking it to be the beak of a bird is found kneeling before the Lord begging his pardon. It is over here that Lord Krishna made a pretext to ascend to his Paramapadam. As this is the place where he was ‘last seen’, this place is called ‘Mukti Dwaraka’.
  7. Dakor Dwaraka: This is a wonderful temple with intricate wood carvings and architectural beauty and the Lord stands in all his majesty. One is reminded of Guruvayurappan in Kerala. It is said that the original Dwarkadhish idol left Dwaraka out of his own free will to stay at his devotee’s place in Dakor.
  8. Shrinathji Dwaraka: This temple is around 50 miles from Udaipur. ‘Nathdwara‘ means the gate of god. The image of Shrinathji is worth seeing and feeling the celestial beauty of the God.
  9. Kankroli Dwaraka: Here the red stone idol of the deity is worshiped with full devotion and dedication. Many believe that red stone idol of Lord Krishna had been brought from Mathura.
1,3,7,8,9 Form Panch Dwarka

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Lord Krsna speaks to Satyabhama

Snanam Jagaranam Dipam Tulasi Vana Palanamkartike
Ye Prakurvanti Te Nara Visnu Murtayah

(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 16/90 from PADMA PURANA Lord Krsna speaks to Satyabhama)
Any person who performs bathing in the month of Karttika, remaining awake, offering lamps, giving charity or planting and transplanting Tulasi, he achieves the same form as Lord Sri Visnu.

Asvinasya Tu Masasya Ya Sukla Ekadasi Bhavet
Kartikasya Vrata Aniha Tasyam Kuryad Atandritah
(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 16/168 from PADMA PURANA conversation between Lord Krsna
and Satyabhama)


Your father became reborn as Satrajit, and your husband became Akrura. My dear Satyabhama, y°u are that very same Gunavati.

One should take a fasting vow for the month of Karttika without any laziness on the Ekadasi which falls in the light part of the month of Asvina (September-October).

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After Krishna ascended to Vaikuntha- Arjuna went to Dvaraka and informed Krishna's wives, as well as Vasudeva and Ugrasena- about the Lord's disappearance. Then, as they all left Dvaraka, it became submerged within the ocean.As Arjuna was taking Krishna's wives to Indraprastha, the women were kidnapped by a gang of cowherds. Formerly, the wives of the demi¬gods and Gandharvas had laughed at the great sage, Ashtavakra, be¬cause of his awkward appearance. He then cursed them, saying, "You will become prostitutes."When the women begged him to retract his curse, Ashtavakra ordained that, after getting Lord Krishna as their husband, they would fall into the hands of the demigods' enemies.

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Dakor / Ranchhodraiji Temple / Deity Name / Story / End

Sri Krishna renounced war in Mathura for the greater good of the people living in the region (and was hence known by the name Ranchodrai') and founded the city of Dwarka. Sri Krishna had previously killed Kansa (an oppressive king who ruled the city, and his maternal uncle) and made Ugrasen (Kansa's father and his maternal grandfather) the king of Mathura.
Enraged, the father-in-law of Kansa, Jarasandha (king of Magadha) with his friend Kalayavan attacked Mathura 17 times. For the safety of the people, Krishna and the Yadavas decided to move the capital from Mathura to Dvaraka.

Kalayavan  - Son of Garga Adopted by Yavana King 

It is said and believed that the original Diety installed by Vajranabha has moved to a place called Dakor (50 km from Vadodara) where one can find a similar temple of Lord Sri Krishna called as Ranchodrai temple. As per the legend it is said that during 15th century an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, by name Badana used to come to Dwarka daily to have a glimpse of Lord Sri Krishna. Appeased with her devotion it is said that the Lord one day went along with her to Dakor and settled there. In its place a similar (replica) idol was installed at Dwarka that was found in the lake called Gomati Lake at Dakor. Only difference that we find between the two is that the eyes of the idol are fully open in the original one that is currently in Dakor while the one that is enshrined at Dwarka is with eyes half opened. It is so because, as per the directions given by the Lord to the priests of Dwarka, they were supposed to find a replica idle at Dakor on a particular day. Whereas, the priests in their anxiety and inquisitiveness, excavated the suggested site quite early and found an idol with eyes half opened.