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"Yudhishthira said, 'I have heard the discourse regarding the ordinance about the gift of food. Do thou discourse to me now about the conjunction of the planets and the stars in relation to the subject of making gifts. 1

"Bhishma said, 'In this connection is recited this ancient narrative of the discourse between Devaki and Narada, that foremost of Rishis. Once on a time when Narada of godlike feature and conversant with every duty arrived at Dwaraka, Devaki asked him this question. Unto her that had asked him, the celestial Rishi Narada duly answered in the following words. Do thou hear as I recite them.'

"Narada said, 'By gratifying, O blessed lady, deserving Brahmanas with Payasa mixed with ghee, under the constellation Krittika one attains to regions of great happiness. 1 Under the constellation Rohini, one should for freeing oneself from the debt one owes to the Brahmanas make gift unto them of many handfuls of venison along with rice and ghee and milk, and other kinds of edibles and drinks. One giving away a cow with a calf under the constellation called Somadaivata (or Mrigasiras), proceeds from this region of human beings to a region in heaven of great felicity. One undergoing a fast and giving away Krisara mixed with sesame, transcends all difficulties in the next world, including those mountains with rocks sharp as razors. By making gifts, O beautiful lady, of cakes and other food under the constellation Punarvasu one becomes possessed of personal beauty and great fame and takes birth in one's next life in a family in which there is abundance of food. Making a gift of wrought or unwrought gold, under the constellation Pushya, one shines in effulgence like Soma himself in regions of surrounding gloom. He who makes a gift, under the constellation Aslesha, of silver of a bull, becomes freed from every fear and attains to great affluence and prosperity. By making a gift, under the constellation Magha, of earthen dishes filled with sesame, one becomes possessed of children and animals in this world and attains to felicity in the next. 2 For making gifts unto Brahmanas, under the constellation called Purva-Phalguni of food mixed with Phanita the giver observing a fast the while, reward is great prosperity both here and hereafter. 3 By making a gift, under the constellation called Uttara-Phalguni, of ghee and milk with rice called Shashthika, one attains to great honours in heaven. Whatever gifts are made by men under the constellation of Uttara-Phalguni produce great merit, which, again, becomes inexhaustible. This is very certain. Observing a fast the while, the person that makes, under the constellation Hasta, a gift of a car with four elephants, attains to regions of great felicity that are capable of granting the fruition of every wish. By making a gift, under the constellation Chitra, of a bull and of good perfumes, one sports in bliss in regions of Apsaras like the deities sporting in the woods of Nandana. By making gifts of wealth under the constellation Swati, one attains to such excellent regions as one desires and wins besides great fame. By making gifts, under constellation Visakha, of a bull, and a cow that yields a copious measure of milk, a cart full of paddy, with a Prasanga for covering the same, and also cloths for wear, 4 a person gratifies the Pitris and the deities attains to inexhaustible merit in the other world. Such a person never meets with any calamity and gratifies the Pitris and the deities and attains to inexhaustible merit in the other world. Such a person never meets with any calamity and certainly reaches heaven. By making gifts unto the Brahmanas of whatever articles they solicit, one attains to such means of subsistence as one desires, and becomes rescued from hell and every calamity that visits a sinner after death. This is the certain conclusion of the scriptures. By making gifts, under the constellation Anuradha of embroidered cloth and other vestments and of food, observing a fast the while, one becomes honoured in heaven for a hundred Yugas. By making a gift under the constellation Jyeshtha, of the potherb called Kalasaka with the roots, one attains to great prosperity as also to such an end as is desirable. By making unto Brahmanas a gift under the constellation Mula, of fruits and roots, with a restrained soul, one gratifies the Pitris and attains to a desirable end. By making under the constellation Purvashadha, a gift, unto a Brahmana conversant with the Vedas and of good family and conduct, of cups filled with curds, while one is in the observance of a fast, one takes birth in one's next life in a family possessed of abundant kine. One obtains the fruition of every wish, by making gifts, under the constellation Uttarashadha, of jugs full of barley-water, with ghee and inspissated juice of sugarcane in abundance. By making a gift under the conjunction called Abhijit, of milk with honey and ghee unto men of wisdom, a righteous person attains to heaven and becomes an object of attention and honour there. By making under the conjunction Sravana, a gift of blankets or other cloth of thick texture, one roves freely through every region of felicity, riding on a white car of pure resplendence. By making with a restrained soul, under the constellation Dhanishtha, a gift of a vehicle with bulls yoked thereto, or heaps of cloths and wealth, one at once attains to heaven in one's next life. By making gifts, under the constellation Satabhisha, of perfumes with Aquilaria Agallocha and sandalwood, one attains in the next world to the companionship of Apsaras as also eternal perfumes of diverse kinds. By making gifts, under the constellation Purva-Bhadrapada, or Rajamasha, one attains to great happiness in the next life and becomes possessed of an abundant stock of every kind of edibles and fruits. 1 One who makes, under the constellation Uttara, a gift of mutton, gratifies the Paris by such an act attains to inexhaustible merit in the next world. Unto one who makes a gift, under the constellation Revati, of a cow with a vessel of white copper for milking her, the cow so given away approaches in the next world, ready to grant the fruition of every wish. By making a gift, under the constellation Aswini, of a car with steeds yoked thereto, one is born in one's next life in a family possessed of numerous elephants and steeds and cars, and becomes endued with great energy. By making, under the constellation Bharani, a gift unto the Brahmanas of kine and sesame, one acquires in one's next life great fame and an abundance of kine.'

"Bhishma continued, 'Even thus did Narada discourse unto Devaki upon the subject of what gifts should be made under what constellations. Devaki herself, having listened to this discourse, recited it in her turn unto her daughters-in-law (viz., the spouses of Krishna).'"

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One day Narada comes to Dwaraka and asks Krishna to explain to him what Maya is. So Krishna takes Narada on a trip in the desert. In the middle of the desert, Krishna asks Narada for water, as he (claims to be) feeling thirsty. Narada goes a short distance and finds a nearby village, where he falls in love with a local village girl and forgets all about Krishna. He marries her, has children, and lives wit them 12 years. Then one a massive flood comes and his family is washed away, when suddenly he hears a voice saying "Narada, what about my water." He sees Krishna, and asks him what has happened to his wife and children. Krishna says that none of it was real, that Narada never had a wife or children and that the village didn't even exist. That is what Maya is.

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Nava Dwaraka

  1. Gomti Dwaraka: Also called Dwarkadhish Temple, this is the main temple of Lord Krishna that stands on the banks of Gomti river. There is also a small shrine for Gomti Devi. This temple is also a part of the most famous Char Dham Yatra. It is historically considered as the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom.
  2. Rukmini Dwaraka: A shrine dedicated to Rukmini Devi (Lord Krishna’s wife).
  3. Bhet Dwaraka: ‘Bhet’ in the local language means ‘Island’. It is said that Lord Krishna ruled from here. There are several Sannidhis here. One of them is for Devaki, Krishna’s mother. There is a lounge and a couch on which Lord Krishna and his queens offered ‘Shodasa Upacharas’ to Kuchela. The island presents a wonderful scenery being surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is believed that several more Dwarakas existed there but all of them had submerged under the Sea.
  4. Sudhama Dwaraka: It was here that Sudhama lived. Sudhama (Kuchelan) and Sri  Krishna were childhood friends and studied under the same guru, Sandipani. People call this place with various names such as Sudhama Dwaraka, Sudhamapuri and Kuchelapatnam.
  5. Moola Dwaraka: This is the place where Lord Krishna is said to have set foot first on arriving at Dwaraka. But, he seems to have forsaken this place and moved to Bhet Dwaraka.
  6. Mukti Dwaraka: This is the place where Lord Krishna was last seen. At this place there is a hall in which we find Krishna reclining on the branch of a tree with a foot dangling. A hunter who shot a poisonous arrow at his toe tip mistaking it to be the beak of a bird is found kneeling before the Lord begging his pardon. It is over here that Lord Krishna made a pretext to ascend to his Paramapadam. As this is the place where he was ‘last seen’, this place is called ‘Mukti Dwaraka’.
  7. Dakor Dwaraka: This is a wonderful temple with intricate wood carvings and architectural beauty and the Lord stands in all his majesty. One is reminded of Guruvayurappan in Kerala. It is said that the original Dwarkadhish idol left Dwaraka out of his own free will to stay at his devotee’s place in Dakor.
  8. Shrinathji Dwaraka: This temple is around 50 miles from Udaipur. ‘Nathdwara‘ means the gate of god. The image of Shrinathji is worth seeing and feeling the celestial beauty of the God.
  9. Kankroli Dwaraka: Here the red stone idol of the deity is worshiped with full devotion and dedication. Many believe that red stone idol of Lord Krishna had been brought from Mathura.
1,3,7,8,9 Form Panch Dwarka

With 8,9 in Rajasthan


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Lord Krsna speaks to Satyabhama

Snanam Jagaranam Dipam Tulasi Vana Palanamkartike
Ye Prakurvanti Te Nara Visnu Murtayah

(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 16/90 from PADMA PURANA Lord Krsna speaks to Satyabhama)
Any person who performs bathing in the month of Karttika, remaining awake, offering lamps, giving charity or planting and transplanting Tulasi, he achieves the same form as Lord Sri Visnu.

Asvinasya Tu Masasya Ya Sukla Ekadasi Bhavet
Kartikasya Vrata Aniha Tasyam Kuryad Atandritah
(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 16/168 from PADMA PURANA conversation between Lord Krsna
and Satyabhama)


Your father became reborn as Satrajit, and your husband became Akrura. My dear Satyabhama, y°u are that very same Gunavati.

One should take a fasting vow for the month of Karttika without any laziness on the Ekadasi which falls in the light part of the month of Asvina (September-October).

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After Krishna ascended to Vaikuntha- Arjuna went to Dvaraka and informed Krishna's wives, as well as Vasudeva and Ugrasena- about the Lord's disappearance. Then, as they all left Dvaraka, it became submerged within the ocean.As Arjuna was taking Krishna's wives to Indraprastha, the women were kidnapped by a gang of cowherds. Formerly, the wives of the demi¬gods and Gandharvas had laughed at the great sage, Ashtavakra, be¬cause of his awkward appearance. He then cursed them, saying, "You will become prostitutes."When the women begged him to retract his curse, Ashtavakra ordained that, after getting Lord Krishna as their husband, they would fall into the hands of the demigods' enemies.